Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Places I like to go to in Singapore

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One of my favourite favourite places is Bottle Tree park in Yishun not because of the Seafood restaurant (i marked the restaurant to show the location of the park) but because there is a tiny fish pond deep enough for you to wade in so you can catch tiny but speedy fish. My whole family loves the place(some because of the seafood)!

I love the Science Centre because they have the 2 things i like best: dinosaurs and rocks. the latest exhibition: titans of the past held me spellbound. i also bought a few interesting rocks from their shop. their other exhibitions  were also impressive and i enjoyed their interactive activities.

Bukit Batok Nature Park was and i hope to say is the nearest park to my home and the most fun at that.there was a pond in the park that had big rocks that acted as steps. I could use those steps to wander around in the pond, catching "longing" fish that were incredibly agile and swift. my brothers would also get excited and catch fish as well. Sometimes we slip on wet and unstable rocks and walk home with wet clothes and an empty tank but it is still fun.

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